Wednesday, April 7, 2010


There are clear, distinct moments that lead me to becoming a photographer; hours spent devouring the images in the rows of yellow bound National Geographics in my parent's home, Flashdance, and the fact that my older brother was an amazing artist. I couldn't compete with his drawings. Photography was my weapon for sibling combat. I fantasized about traveling the world and shooting for NG. Adrian Lyne, the director of Flashdance, transported me into the world of light; how it can be charged with emotion and beauty.
The authors in our {LOVE} story contest transported me in the same way. The only way I know how to pick a winner is to select the one that created a little 4x6 photo in my head.

The WINNER, ANGELA, aka FINALIST X, the author of "HESITATION", did that for me in one line;
"At night, I sometimes try to fold up those words that I have known for so long into little paper airplanes, to fly over the long-distance in my long-distance relationship, and span the stretch of heartstrings."
Perfect. I keep replaying it. It deserves its cinematic moment. Mr. Lyne could do it justice. I intend to do my best through the camera.

The FAN FAVORITE, Annalise Gardella, aka FINALIST Z, the author of "COLORS" has affected many, illuninated {LOVE}, and inspired many to post comments here on the blog:

"Love is all you need. Love lifts you up. If only I could write like these talented artists I could express the love and loss that I have experienced."

"In "COLORS", I found myself yearning for the colors I only wish surrounded me."

"...expressing how love is experienced the best, which is through everything around you. Love changes how you perceive the world."

{LOVE} is all you need. I am honored to have the opportunity to photograph BOTH of these authors. This was supposed to be a $500 for $50 contest. This one is on me. Please take a bow for sharing your stories with us. They have touched many. They have inspired me. For that, I owe you.

Everyone else who entered had a story that transported me to {LOVE}ly places. For you, you are the first to receive SKOSH BUCKS -- bucks to be collected and used toward a Skye Snyder Photography session or prints.  SKOSH BUCKS can be earned from our upcoming Facebook Game of art and photo trivia. Game starts soon....stay tuned to the daily posts as the first correct answer, gets the BUCKS.  You have $20 SKOSH BUCKS registered with us. Thank you for participating.

Please leave your congratulatory comments below to our winning authors, Angela and Annalise. :)

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  1. Congrats Ang and Annalise! You both deserve it! The stories were amazing.


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