Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Crush on L I N E A G E II | Project 52 week 11

I liked the play on l i n e a g e  a couple of weeks back and wanted to revisit the theme. I tried the same techniques but ended up with these slightly different results.
iphone project 52 
Another look at lineage through a play on the word and the process of movement--like lineage through a family history. This is from a senior session. I've been playing with this look for a year or so now. Once in a while, the right person and place make it work.

Crush on I N S E C T S | Project 52 week 10

Project 52 week 10 theme was I N S E C T S so this is what I made:
Way too opaque on the butterfly. I flattened and saved the image without saving the psd file. Really? Stupid me. I may revisit the problem.
 I really liked the background so I took a film image that was green from old, heat stroked negatives, scanned it and started playing to see if I could learn something.
Finally, I decided to finish my insect week with some dried biology or bug"taxidermy". I don't like how the eye pin looks in the resin. I tried a pinch bail but those were not wide enough to go around the edge of the piece. I'm sure there is a better way and if you know, I'd love for you to let me in on the secret. All the other items were found around the Sierra Nevadas. A little piece of Nevada/California jewelry art. 
iphone pic of shells from Eagle Lake, Ca, Wasps from Verdi, NV, Pinecones and Moss from Dog Valley, NV
 I like this better-- a nod to Victorian botany and insect collections.

 I think I'll revisit this week's theme and see what else we can create.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Crush on L I N E A G E | week 9 of a Project 52

This week's challenge, L I N E A G E, was photographed and edited on the iPhone. I had just returned from a trip to my childhood neighborhood in Scotland. Lots of memories flooded my return--awash with faint laughter and the smell of coal fires. This was the result of a lineage trip home. 
original shot

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crush on G E O M E T R I C | Week 8 Project 52 | Reno Photographer

I'm stumped. Geometric has me uninspired. A quick review of those I follow on Instagram confirms this. I'm drawn to the emotional and I can't seem to muster up much when looking at squares. I appreciate beautiful architecture as I walk through it, around it, dwarfed by it. Photographing it? Not really. I love the rhythmic geometric patterns of shapes in the world but can't seem to find myself interested to go look for them.   Nothing came to me until at the tire shop yesterday. I had a long wait and started contemplating what I was going to do for this week's theme. I'm in a tire shop! Surrounded by circles and subway tiling. Nothing! This was the ceiling.
Man-made Shapes
On the other hand, people do it for me. Instead of photographing, I thought I would play in photoshop a little. I liked where the right side was going; the left not so much. I was a trying to play around with some kind of concept of home. In other words….I'm working on it. I did learn how to make a triangle in photoshop. Who knew I needed the polygon tool?! A three-sided polygon. I had a tutor in Geometry.
I ended with this which has led me down a completely different track for a different week (image in the making). And for that I'm excited and what the Project 52 is all about--out of my comfort zone and nurturing the creative process; good or bad. 
See you next week for the theme of H O M E. Can't wait to see how you interpret this theme. Post to Skye Snyder Photography on Facebook or tag #skye52 on Instagram (@skyesnyder) so we can all share our ideas. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Crush on L A N D S C A P E | week 7/52 photo project

For this week's landscape subject I decided to revisit the view I've seen the longest in my lifetime.  Our home was cradled by the Sierra Nevadas and the sage covered desert hills. Today was the first time I took my own children to the lake I spent many hours at as a kid. I would ride my banana seat bike or 50cc honda motorcycle down to her shores and ponder how whales in the ocean would look. Today, we saw a few fish jump.
Join us next week for the theme of GEOMETRIC

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crush on T R A N S F O R M A T I O N | Week 6 Photo Project | Reno Photographer

I didn't want this theme to end. A week simply wasn't long enough for me to explore transformation. My ideas needed a much longer window to complete the project as I wanted to photograph transformation over time, not a makeover/under kind of change. My journal is filled with many more ideas than it had before. Ideas that I'll visit as the year unfolds. To play a little longer with this, I decided to do a subject instead of a theme for week 7--a little lighter while we play around with the heavier topics. Week 7 will be L A N D S C A P E.

Here are my first ideas for T R A N S F O R M A T I O N | Week 6

It has been through photography that I have been able to process the death of my mother--looking at the beauty of life and death, of youth and maturity, of patterns, repetitions, and the inevitable breaking of them--the transformation. 

While photographing, I found myself looking at the divine design of them. The beauty in all stages. Not preferring one over the other. They remind me of Hermann Rorschach's inkblot personality tests of the 60's which in turn brought me to Da Vinci's encouragement to embrace the cryptic to help better interpret our lives/deaths. The flowers are from a condolence bouquet. The sympathy cards and flowers we received have been unexpectedly healing. I'm so grateful for them. They are transformative. 
placed in the garden and now it's time to wait...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Crush on E N E R G Y | Photo Project 52 | Reno Photographer

The thoughts of the prior weeks keep rolling into each new week. They are adjusted, morphed, adapted without her. Questions arise without any answers. Originally, my thoughts regarding this week's theme, energy, were of my children; the endless, boundless child energy that they possess. Instead, my thoughts morphed to the energy of our  soul, the spirit.
This is what happened behind the camera…

Curious to whom "her"above is referring? You may want to visit this or that blog.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crush on P A I R S | Photo Project 52 | Reno Photographer

Far from ordinary, this week hurled my family into a spiritual world of loss and memories (explanatory blog here) making concentrating on this week's project more difficult.

For me, the point of the project was to help boost my gratitude and creativity while boosting my joy as I got to spend more time developing my artistic side. It did that and more this week. I took photos that are deeply personal to me  but will not be sharing them in this forum. I found old photos that filled my landscape with flashing memories and good times. They helped to ease the sorrow. Photography settles me and lets me feel exactly what I need to be feeling.

There will only be one image this week. A photograph of two yellow day lilies from my "mother's" bouquet after her passing.
I've held her hand so many times,  I can almost touch her.

Thank you to my fine arts colleagues at McQueen High for the thoughtful gesture. xo. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

dearest mum

Granny, Mum, Papa gathered together again January 26, 2014. Rest in Peace. 

dearest mum ( 1942- 2014)

tae hold your hand
your fragile hand
the road whirled under me

tae touch your face
your bonnie face
the earth slowed 'round me

tae close your eyes
your ice blue eyes
the coldness nae let me

tae wipe my tears
my mournful tears
your fists of thistle can'ny              
tae find your grace
your resting space
you slipped to caledonia

tae hold your hand
your fragile hand
faint scent of sweet begonia

Remembered in life and death
Lorna Margaret Mclean Booher
09.10.42 - 01.26.14
On January 26th, 2014. My Mum passed away. I drove through the valley. Everything seemed extra still, quiet.  The teacup of mountains embracing our loss. The car whirred along the hypnotic white lines of the road yet the world slowed.  The mountains gestured toward Knowing, nodded in Understanding. Beauty overcame me. A feeling too pure to contain as the memories flooded my eyes. Sounds of sadness filled the space. As the prior weeks had passed, I held my Mum's hands, so gently, as fragile paper tears. I held her hand, for the last time. She had already left with Papa. I turned to the hills.

Nature has offered an unexpected calmness. The quiet absorbs my thoughts and lets them be. I walked looking for a thistle. Nothing in bloom. I found this photograph taken years earlier on a stroll through the Nevada desert hills. It's perfect for her- for this time. She wore one necklace; a silver scottish thistle.

She loved Robert Burns. I can almost hear her reading his poems to me.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Crush on Aura/Halo | Project 52 | a themed photography project

This week's theme was AURA/HALO inspired by the photo project of @jalvarezcastillo on Instagram. Check out the #peoplesaura for more photos from all over the world. We were inspired by several ideas:
1) the halo of Christian divinity so often seen in early Renaissance art and ancient Pagan crowns of light.
2) the ancient Sanskrit word namaste - meaning "The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you".
3) the study of energy fields and auras. 

Image found on Body Quirks as Aura Imaging Photography
This week was fun as we stepped out on our photo walk as tourists visiting Seattle. It was a fun twist to look for the halos instead of the compulsory tourist snapshots. Although, we couldn't help but take those too.

the amazing desert topography from the plane

 Post Alley
 Pike Place Market

 Post Alley Gum Wall

From inside the Ferris Wheel overlooking the Puget Sound
 Did you get the whole Needle in?
Like this... 
 Space Needle

 Gasworks Park
 Lake Union
 the eeriest darkest water ever and a colorless city...

Ferris Wheel over the Puget Sound
love josh + skye xoxo