Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Crush on I N S E C T S | Project 52 week 10

Project 52 week 10 theme was I N S E C T S so this is what I made:
Way too opaque on the butterfly. I flattened and saved the image without saving the psd file. Really? Stupid me. I may revisit the problem.
 I really liked the background so I took a film image that was green from old, heat stroked negatives, scanned it and started playing to see if I could learn something.
Finally, I decided to finish my insect week with some dried biology or bug"taxidermy". I don't like how the eye pin looks in the resin. I tried a pinch bail but those were not wide enough to go around the edge of the piece. I'm sure there is a better way and if you know, I'd love for you to let me in on the secret. All the other items were found around the Sierra Nevadas. A little piece of Nevada/California jewelry art. 
iphone pic of shells from Eagle Lake, Ca, Wasps from Verdi, NV, Pinecones and Moss from Dog Valley, NV
 I like this better-- a nod to Victorian botany and insect collections.

 I think I'll revisit this week's theme and see what else we can create.

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