Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crush on P A I R S | Photo Project 52 | Reno Photographer

Far from ordinary, this week hurled my family into a spiritual world of loss and memories (explanatory blog here) making concentrating on this week's project more difficult.

For me, the point of the project was to help boost my gratitude and creativity while boosting my joy as I got to spend more time developing my artistic side. It did that and more this week. I took photos that are deeply personal to me  but will not be sharing them in this forum. I found old photos that filled my landscape with flashing memories and good times. They helped to ease the sorrow. Photography settles me and lets me feel exactly what I need to be feeling.

There will only be one image this week. A photograph of two yellow day lilies from my "mother's" bouquet after her passing.
I've held her hand so many times,  I can almost touch her.

Thank you to my fine arts colleagues at McQueen High for the thoughtful gesture. xo. 

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