Tuesday, January 28, 2014

dearest mum

Granny, Mum, Papa gathered together again January 26, 2014. Rest in Peace. 

dearest mum ( 1942- 2014)

tae hold your hand
your fragile hand
the road whirled under me

tae touch your face
your bonnie face
the earth slowed 'round me

tae close your eyes
your ice blue eyes
the coldness nae let me

tae wipe my tears
my mournful tears
your fists of thistle can'ny              
tae find your grace
your resting space
you slipped to caledonia

tae hold your hand
your fragile hand
faint scent of sweet begonia

Remembered in life and death
Lorna Margaret Mclean Booher
09.10.42 - 01.26.14
On January 26th, 2014. My Mum passed away. I drove through the valley. Everything seemed extra still, quiet.  The teacup of mountains embracing our loss. The car whirred along the hypnotic white lines of the road yet the world slowed.  The mountains gestured toward Knowing, nodded in Understanding. Beauty overcame me. A feeling too pure to contain as the memories flooded my eyes. Sounds of sadness filled the space. As the prior weeks had passed, I held my Mum's hands, so gently, as fragile paper tears. I held her hand, for the last time. She had already left with Papa. I turned to the hills.

Nature has offered an unexpected calmness. The quiet absorbs my thoughts and lets them be. I walked looking for a thistle. Nothing in bloom. I found this photograph taken years earlier on a stroll through the Nevada desert hills. It's perfect for her- for this time. She wore one necklace; a silver scottish thistle.

She loved Robert Burns. I can almost hear her reading his poems to me.

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