Saturday, May 22, 2010

Be a SKYE SNYDER {Senior Rep} Class of 2011

It's time to get serious about launching the {SENIOR REP} Campaign. A Skye Snyder Photography rep gets a free mini session and a box of cards with your rep pic. You talk up our shop and send other seniors who want fashionable couture senior photos to us. You also get to use these killer photos to share in your online spaces---with no fear of copyright theft.
There's more...
After 10 referrals have paid for their session, you get a full senior session FREE! We get more biz and you get cool photos that you & Mom will love for a lifetime! Act fast, only 10 graduating students will be accepted for the 2011 year.
If you love being in front of the camera and showing your photos off, you must apply!
To apply:
1. Send us an email ( with your name and contact info and tell us why you would make a good rep, include any experience that would be an advantage for you to get picked as a rep.
2. Make a short post on your Facebook page as to why you like our photos/style. Example: "I can't stop visiting @Skye Snyder Photography. Her Senior Pics are amazing!" :)
To do #2 successfully, you must join our page first and then properly tag in your post. (you do this by adding the @ symbol before you type the name...once you start typing our name will appear...go check it out...super easy.)
3. If everything goes well, we will contact you for your mini-session and you are HIRED!

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