Sunday, May 30, 2010

Crush on Reno

15 years ago, I landed back on US soil after intending to stay away forever. As I collected my bags, disappointment and relief collided.  My head was empty as I travelled home again. It was in that emptiness that I was introduced to a new view. The desert Virginia Range Mountains.

I had grown up with a majestic view of the Sierra Nevadas. A stark contrast to the ugly, dry, barren mountains to the east. But that day, my view had changed.  Ethereal clouds cast themselves onto the rolling dirt. What once seemed dead blossomed with subtleties.  And the sky. The sky was endless. The universe was blue. The eastern view offered an ocean of thought, possibility, inspiration, a muse.  It was the first time I loved anything Reno.

I change my name to Skye. It represented where I was from and where I was going.

Perhaps these photographs will help to complete the story:

all images and written text are protected under US Copyright Law
and are the legal property of Skye Snyder.
Please be mindful to not copy and use without permission.
Above text excerpt from GrassRoots by Skye Snyder.

There is a moment during our getaways when Joshua and I vow to live like tourists in our own town. See the streets and attractions from a fresh perspective.  Adventure on new trails, find new food delights and fall in love with Reno, again. 

How do you fall in love with your town?


  1. I'm going to try to fall in love with Reno when I come to visit. I never liked it when I lived there for 8 years. But, I find myself missing the sky, and the desert, and the lack of weird bugs. Yes, I know there are bugs in the desert, but there always seems to be more up here...

  2. In Seattle and Scotland--the sky feels lower. Guess grey is heavy. Lack of weird bugs! hallelujah!


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