Monday, May 24, 2010

A GrassRoots {Day in the Life Of...}

I don't think most people would put the Laundromat as a top stop for a day outing with the kids. But, my kids had never been. Strange, considering for decades I hoarded quarters and wouldn't have dreamt to have dropped them into anything other than a coin-op machine. 20 coins jarred my head space. Really? So we waited and watched the rinse. the wash. the spin. the spin. the spin. the spin until we caught the scent of chinese over the laundry soap and bleach. We chowed our Chow Fun in the parking lot while the rest spun. spun. spun.
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  1. What kind of camera do you shoot with? What kind do you think the above shots were caught on?

  2. I have a little Canon Rebel XSI... I should use it more.
    Another camera I should use more? The one on my phone. But mine is sooo not as good as yours. It's decent, but the pics come nowhere close to looking like yours above!

    Really cute when they're looking through the door. :)

  3. Still shooting the NikonD200 (i get so maternal with my cameras) but have recently been seen toting the wee babe, aka an iphone. The entire "Laundry & Chow Fun" Photo Tale was shot on the iphone.


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