Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crush on Couples

{Tuesday Triv} Question of the Week. For $10 SKOSH BUCK$, where in the world is this picture taken?
Leave a comment below with your answer!! Good Luck!


  1. Is it fair if I partake? Its really cheating though seeing that is fabulous me posing as if were in Spain..but its was Verdi!

    Skye, you are amazing. When am I going to get to see them all!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

  2. Haha ^ she stole my answer!! I live in verdi and knew this straight away. wasn't it kind of dangerous though?? I had some friends go up there and they said it was kind of falling apart

  3. It wasnt so much dangerous as it was filthy.
    There were bedroom slippers, food wrappers and all sorts of garbage but that didnt stop Skye from shotting the best photos ever!!!!

  4. Filthy? For an abandoned building, she sparkled ;) Sarah - Surprisingly, the place is in really good condition. The top roof/floor is a bit holey in parts so I wouldn't take my chances there.
    Looks like our Bride-to-Be has earned $10 Skosh Buck$ for being so darn pretty faced and Sarah wins $10 too for being so darn cool like that! And she's a Verdi Local! One of the best places in the Basin!
    Once again, I thought I had you all stumped on this one!
    THANKS for Participating!


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