Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crush on 35th Wedding Anniversary BBQs

A few years back, we were showing at a Wedding Fair when a bad ass pair of red boots came strolling into our booth. This is when our relationship with Margie began.  She was shopping vendors for her daughter's casino themed wedding. (see photo on last blog post). We had lunch, met with planners, and were chosen to photograph Jamie and Jason's wedding. 
Today, Jamie and I swap gossip and talk shop while she cuts my hair - remember one lucky winner from our {MUSE} contest got a gift certificate from Jamie! Now, two years after the wedding, Jamie decided a photo session for her parent's anniversary was in order. 
We got to see the red-footed Margie again. This time to celebrate and photograph her 35th wedding anniversary. I don't know if Margie won Harry over with her red shoes but if great food, dirty jokes, and some serious hotness keep a marriage happy, then M + H have been smiling for 35 years. 


  1. What a beautiful family, and what a wonderful tribute to an amazing marriage.

  2. Had to share what Margie shared with me:
    "Omg, direct from the lady with the red boots! I captured his heart with Navy Justin Cowboys Boots but keep him with 4" Carlos Santana heels. You catupured 35 years of love in my family and I love you & Josh for that! Can't Wait to see you both @ the next BBQ"
    Big Xs and Os back at you, Margie. You and Harry are the best! Thank you for trusting us to capture these memories.

  3. What a cool story. You got some great shots.


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