Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The Skye Snyder Photography {Muse} Challenge came about from one simple question; why pick up the camera and photograph at all? What inspires us enough, in a moment, to elevate it into our memories by photographing it? Some of those images are dedicated a special place of honor; a frame, the walls of our homes, upon the desk, a family heirloom album, a locket. In our case, a Facebook showroom gallery.  

85 images were entered in a month long contest to honor Reno's Artown celebration. The competition was open to anyone; pros, hobbyists, anyone from around the globe. All they had to do was submit an image that captured the creative forces of a MUSE, title it, and promote their image to friends and family on Facebook. 

Our contestants images also inspired some creative businesses. They wanted to award our contestants with additional prizes to add to the booty! They, too, create wonderful things and offer excellent service. It goes without saying, support them when you can. It's all about good will and helping other creatives out. BIG THANKS YOUs to Outdoor Posters Digital Photography Lab, hearts and bones studio, Mix Cupcake, Jamie from Rhapsody Salon, and Gemini Ballroom Academy.   

The photographers below were fan favorites and/or favorites of yours truly, me-- a sneaky twisty turn here at the end. I can only advance one image per photographer into the finals. For those that submitted more than one, we advanced your most liked image to the finals. Other images, not displayed here, may be presented in the finals if selected by our sponsors as their favorites. These will be our Honorable Mention winners.

12 images are moving onto be juried by a panel of five professionals in the field of photography. They have discerning eyes and are involved with photography day and night. The five panelists are : David Hutnik from Photobiz in North Carolina, Maris Elhers from Maris Elhers Photography in Minnesota, Naomi Kenton from Naomi Kenton Photography in England, Nicky Stone from Pomegranate Photography in Australia, and Heidi Haden from Velvet Owl Photography in Oregon. A BIG thank you to them for extending their expertise to our "show".

They were asked to apply their knowledge while looking for specific elements--title/story that helped to illustrate the MUSE theme (this was in the rules and in posts--that's the ol' teacher coming out in me), uniqueness and creativity, artistic qualities, and how thought provoking is the image. I also asked them to select their personal favorite from ALL the entries.

Try your hand at judging the semi-finalists using our criteria. Leave a comment here on the blog for your favorite. 

Thank you all for participating. You have challenged me to revisit my own personal work and rethink why I create images in the first place. For that-- a big curtsy to you!!

Chase Silver
"love in the rain"
nikon D70, 55-200mm lens

Mandi Jo Frazier 
"Bring Me That Horizon"
 Nikon -edited in Photoshop at Mayberry park. That is the Truckee river in the background.
It was displayed at McQueen High Schools Fine Arts Dessert Night.

Justin Domenici 
"Baby Blues"

Alyssa Watson
"Remembering Once Upon A Day"

Suzette Guthrie
"Moment of Zen"

Stephanie Hicks

Rachael Platz
"Happy Day"
~ the happiest place on earth - Netherlands ~ 

Khanh Nghi Trinh
“orange no more”

Kate Carter
"Jack and Dean"
~ twin boys ~

Prudence Cook
cell phone/no editing

Illia Ludwig
"My Daddy"
my dad was in a bad car accident in 2006 and had major brain damage this was the first note he wrote to me after he got some of his memory back and got some of his motor function back. my dad keeps me going because i know how proud he is of me and what im doing with my life! i LOVE YOU DADDY and miss you very much!

Stacey Rate
"Worry Wart"


  1. I made the finals! Nice! There were SO many great pictures submitted by so many great photographers! I can't wait to get feedback on my pic!

    Thanks for doing this Skye!

  2. I enjoyed this contest very much and I thank you for having it. I love to see everyone's pictures and different points of view.

  3. I'm shocked that Godzilla and I made it in. There were so many people that had such great work! My dogs are my Muse and my production company is even named after one of them. I often find my little Godzilla looking out the window so calm at birds and planes going by. He's so quiet and relaxed and a peaceful feeling always comes over me when I watch him. How could I not capture his "moment of zen" that he unknowingly helps me feel as well. He's my boy: ) Thanks to all that voted and good luck to everyone in the semi finals.

  4. i am really excited to be in the finals...i literally started jumping up and down!! congrats and good luck to everyone else whose pictures made it, they are all beautful :)

  5. Hey SSP thank you for this awsome contest it is always awsome to see the work of so many people and the dirent thigns that inspire them to pick up a camera and photograph the world.

    "Weather it rains or storms love is never ending"
    source unknown

    When I photogrpahed this rose I stood in the rain for two hours with and unbrella over my camera and one over me.

    My love for photography is the same as what a rose mean; Never ending.

    Thanks you to all that voted for my photos. =)

    -Chase Silver

  6. =] ima semi-finalist.

  7. wow i didnt think i would be a finalist! that pic of my dad when he was younger was around the time him and my mom met. and that note meant so much to me. growing up me and my dad didnt have that great of a relationship but after his accident i really got to know him my real dad without the drugs and without the ex-wife he was clean and i like to say new but really he was old hahaha the old him that is before everything. i was getting to know my dad again when i lost him 2 years ago i was heart broken because our relationship was just the beginning a new start i wish he was here today to get to know more about me and who i am/have become. my dad never gave or taught me anything until 3 years ago and that was to learn how to forgive and never hold grudges because you may never get that chance. i have forgiven my dad for every thing that he ever did and didnt do but didnt do that till it was to late to tell him that is why my dad is my muse! thank you sky for giving me the chance to share my story! -illia-


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