Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crush on Community :::A COMMUNITY DRIVE::: Taking Nominations Here

You're in the right place to nominate your community member!

The Reno/Tahoe community has invited us into their homes, allowed us to photograph their life-altering events, and trusted us to create portrait art of their most beloved friends and family. It's time again to give back to you.

Our first event was for Renovation Community. It planted the seed to make giving back a common practice here at Skye Snyder Photography.

This event is a "community drive", to uncover those individuals who make our town a better place---by what they do, how they help, the strenghth they name it. Many of us have been touched by teachers,  who have committed their days (and nights...and weekends :) to provide our children with the best education and guidance they deserve. Many of us know Moms and Dads who are not only "keeping it together" but showing us all how to do it sublimely, happily, confidently, contentedly. Many of us know good folks who have come on hard financial times and they are still the richest people in our lives. Many of us know of sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles who have been delivered tragic news, yet they smile the biggest. Many of us know someone, who would simply enjoy a photography session just because they are wonderful to you! We need to know who they are!!!!

Tell us so we can recognize them and thank them with a small token of appreciation, a Skye Snyder Photography Portrait Session and an 11x14 custom print  of their choice.

1.  In our "COMMENTS" section following this post, enter who you are nominating and a brief ( a few lines) explanation as to why.
2.  Post a comment on SKYE SNYDER PHOTOGRAPHY ON FACEBOOK's WALL that you left a nomination here.
3. Spread the word so others can support your nomination or create their own (support by "liking" on Facebook or commenting on your blog comment)
4. Nominations will be accepted until Oct 16th, 2010 ( a very special day to our family)
5. *** We've never done this before.... bare with us if their are any quirks in the set-up. ****
6. Skye will select the first ever Community Drive "Getting Noticed" Recipient

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  1. Here's a sample:
    STEP ONE: Leave a comment here.
    I nominate Mrs Smith of ABC School because she has been so dedicated to many children in our community. She has encouraged so many and given them the key to unlock their hidden potential.
    STEP TWO: Go to our FACEBOOK page at and write a post on OUR WALL that you nominated someone!


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