Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crush on Dreams Photo Challenge at Skye Snyder Photography

Three weeks ago, I asked our FB members which was better; to wish or to dream? To dream was clearly favored. There is something magical about the ability to dream--it's skinless, borderless, weightless nature.  This type of artwork frees us of some of the typical constructs that lock us into liking or disliking an image.
A {DREAM} image should make us wonder and float around in our thoughts for a bit.

This photo challenge is offered to you -the photographer- the dreamer- to capture literal dreams, wishful moments, surreal visions. Each photographer's interpretation of the {DREAM} theme is going to be sublime!!

I cannot think of one photo in my collection that truly captures this for me--the way I would interpret it. Looks like I have my own work to do. As you are photographing this challenge, I will be too!

How to Participate in the {DREAM} Challenge
1. Accepting entries Oct 3rd, 2010- November 3rd, 2010. Don't wait to submit your ONE entry. Early submission gets early voting.
2. Open to all - amateurs, professionals, artists,"dreamers, wishers, liars, hopers, prayers, and magic-bean-buyers".
3. Images can come from any camera including phones
4. Editing, use of special apps, etc is totally acceptable.
5. You may submit ONE images into the contest.
6. Email your entries as a JPEG to 
7. Winners will be selected by online "likes". Those with the most "likes" will move onto the semi-finals and a GRAND WINNER will be selected by a team of two- myself and a guest judge. 
8. Share the news that you have entered a contest. Friends and family are encouraged to "like" your photo and need to be a fan of Skye Snyder Photography in order to cast their "like". 
9. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a custom jewelry piece of the winning image. One jewelry piece will be selected from the following items; round or square cocktail ring, photo necklace with one photo pendant, or photo keychain.
10. Skye Snyder Photography reserves the right to discontinue the contest for lack of participation, remove an image for inappropriate comments or content on our wall and/or to other participants.  If under 18, please have a parent submit image in your behalf. By submitting an image you are claiming to be 18+ and the creator of the image.

Looking forward to seeing your dreams.

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