Sunday, November 14, 2010

And the {DREAM} Photography Challenge WINNER is.....

Thank you to everyone for participating in the Skye Snyder Photography  {DREAM} Challenge. The entries were magical and dreamy  but there could only be one Grand Prize WINNER. The finalists were selected by you on Facebook. The top three favorites advanced to our Guest Judge, Marissa McKinney of studio361 in Tempe, Arizona. 

A little story about Marissa. She was one of my first students. Every year, teaching provides me profound experiences. My first year was one of the most life-altering. Marissa was a part of that discovery.  While  receiving my degree, I stumbled open a problem. I was horribly, nightmarishly afraid of public speaking. I had made it through my entire school career K-Bachelor of Art without ever giving one, single oral report. I will spare you the gruesome details of the moment this became a realization. If I couldn't address a crowd, how was I going to become a professor? A downward spiral ensued. 

Marissa and her class cured me. They would dive into their imaginations and fearlessly share their thoughts. Every day they accomplished that which would have paralyzed me. I remember watching Marissa perform a chautauqua. She was nervous. Her story was eloquent. And, she survived. That was it. Watching her perform her carefully chosen words had cured me. The crack in her voice allowed me to creep in and mend my own. 

This little moment and it's grand effects often plays in my mind.  My life re-shifted that day. Today, I speak to large crowds on Adolescence and Sexuality and share my thoughts and images with you daily. Marissa, I love you. 

As for Marissa. She's all grown up, graduated, traveled, engaged, and part of a landscape architectural team known as STUDIO361. She is trained in finding the beauty and sharing it. Today, she picked our winner. 

"I chose Talia Ybarra's After Party. In Landscape Architecture they tell you that you know you have a successful landscape when someone wants their picture taken there, the same applies here. I want to be a part of this beautiful picture! It has such an ethereal air to it with the light coming through the trees and the fireflies floating about. The contrast between the delicate light and the raw natural landscape is stunning! Though all the images submitted were delightful this one really catches my eye and inspires me to dream of beautiful places."

Talia Ybarra's "After Party"

Talia has won a $50 gift card to Skye Snyder Photography or a selected piece from our photo jewelry collection--whichever she prefers. Congratulations! Your photo is magical.

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