Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crush on Kelle Hampton

You know I'm a big fan of i heart faces. The most peculiar and lovely things have happened since entering my first challenge, Vroom Vroom.  The curtains have been pulled back and I am finally remembering why I love(d) photography so much. We, photography and I, have been fighting. For two years, photography consumed me in the way a bad relationship does. I wanted to quit. Instead, I was commissioned more than all the other years...combined.  I was proud of the work I was producing but something was off.  
The photographers, story tellers, teachers, and friends of i heart faces have been my silent support;  pulling back the curtains. Many of whom have no idea how they have helped me to redefine, rework, and rekindle my love. 
Today, I "met" Kelle Hampton, a guest judge for the Innocent Wonder challenge. I've spent the morning with her stories. If you want real, make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to a visual and written journey. Kelle is one of those virtual friends that will pull back the curtains on your dirty, dusty junk and let you figure it all out in your own time. 
thank you, Kelle.


  1. Thank you, Friend! I had a big long comment typed and it got deleted. Basically, you are wonderfully talented. Keep on doin' it your own way and chasing your passion. It's worth it. Your images are beautiful!

  2. {warm & fuzzy } thanks kelle. to you and your tribe {CHEERS}


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