Thursday, May 19, 2011

Crush on Blurb

Hey Graduating Seniors, want to give Mom something special? You had your photos taken so why not turn them into a coffee table book made by your own sweet little hands....with a little help from technology. The folks at Blurb make beautiful books and easy, easy, easy. Simply upload and personalize with stories, picture titles, etc.
Is Dad running out of room on his desk? What about one book of your beautiful faces, a family portfolio to share at the office?
This is my Dad, Dickie Boo, Red teaching our little chickadee, Ruby how to make the world's best snowflake. He gives the credit to his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Tipton. My Dad loves to speak of her. 3rd grade was a long time ago for him but he has never forgotten her. Today in May, we have a snowflake, as taught by Mrs. Tipton, hanging in our house.

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