Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crush on groovy cool theater girl's portfolio work

Through the marvelous world of social media, I met Sarah Rodriguez. Introduced via Facebook from a mutual friend. Sarah is one cool girl and brimming with talent. She approached me with a video project in mind. She offered to make the marketing videos for Skye Snyder Photography.I'd work on amping up her portfolio and she would help me with mine in the way of video.  This little conversation encouraged me to add the short films to our regular sessions. No longer for weddings only.  
Here's a little sample: ( scroll to the bottom to see The short for Sarah's shoot)
at eleven days from skye snyder on Vimeo.

Sarah, Ruby (my six year old), and I headed out to Truckee, California for her portfolio shoot. It is a blast to work with models. I can concentrate on the image. She concentrates on the movement. Sarah brought her own wardrobe and styled her own hair and makeup. No fancy lights. No crew. 

and then there was Sarah's.... I think I will be turning this over into her talented hands and see what magic she creates :)
train stations and gas stations { skosh films | skye snyder photography } from skye snyder on Vimeo.

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  1. Well this is all quite amazing. I love the video aspect. Makes it all more personal.


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