Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crush on Mini-Accordion Brag Books

Just three days after her parents' maternity session, Little Miss Olivia, a.k.a. OMG,  or officially Olivia Mackenzie Gonzales decided to arrive a few weeks early. The lanugo baby fluff is still there on her wee arms.
mom + dad three days before O's arrival
mom + dad + omg (in a mini accordion photo book) = pure visual delight. a dessert for the eyes. "an amuse-yeux"...
Today, I surprised Mama, and Auntie, and Great Auntie, and Gramma Mimi with this sweetest little brag book.
The mini folded brag book is wallet sized and comes three to an order.
Front and back covers are designed with the session images with fourteen total panels inside.
These brag books aren't for doting Grandmas and new parents only. They are perfect for anyone in need of a handy, portable portfolio. Models, caterers, designers, artists....and photographers. The first custom order of three mini-books is $65. Each additional order is $45 for three. 


  1. These are the most beautiful brag books I've ever seen! I'm a photographer based in Lancashire UK, just started maternity & newborn sessions and this product is just what I'm looking to offer I'd be super grateful if you could give me details of your supplier and how to get a hold of these for my clients.
    Best Wishes

  2. Any luck finding a supplier Michelle? I am also trying to find one in the UK. Email me if you managed to xx


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