Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crush on {SOUL} Birthdays 2012

It's time to announce the winner of the 2012 {SOUL} Photography Challenge. In true indecisive form, I can't decide. I keep wrangling between two images so I decided to change things up a bit. There was only going to be one winner but it's my birthday and birthdays are good days to share the joy.
I have chosen one winner, whom you shared on the finalists blog, wanted to have a mentorship afternoon with me and another winner that will get to be the subject of the mentorship lesson--getting a complimentary mini-session while the other winner gets a true "fly-on-the-wall" experience. 

My mini-session winner is:

Allison Anderson | Moments
I fell in love with this image the moment it came in. It appears to be a cell phone image, which adds to my liking it. It confirms that Allison recognized and needed to capture something special. In this image, we know that Allison, walked into her room and took notice of her two loves sleeping--an ordinary activity--yet she was taken by it. So much so that she wanted to remember that moment, make it important, give it more importance by photographing it; as if that feeling that filled her soul would not end if she could stop time by clicking the shutter release. I am certain that if the light had been different, she may not have noticed. It's why we love photography. The light! 
Many people commented having a similar image of their own family. I photograph this moment over and over of my husband and girls, never tiring of their beauty. It makes me stop dead in my tracks and notice them. A little moment to fall in love--again. Congratulations, Allison. Thank you for sharing your {SOUL} image with us. 

And the Winner for the Mentorship is:
Joanna Daily 
This one seems to really capture the essence of {SOUL}--the tears and her expression say more than her words could ever convey. It's that look that melts the hearts of parents and makes us crumble to all their whims. It's the tears of a hurt baby that makes our souls cramp. It's so human and touching and lovely. Joanna, I look forward to spending the afternoon talking shop and sharing a secret or two with you.  Congratulations!

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