Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crush on Maurice Sendak

Today, the great children's author, Maurice Sendak died. I think of him often and marvel at the way he weaves words. I love to listen to him story tell even more. What a fabulous teller of tales. No Ums or Errs or stumbles through thought. He always delivers a refreshingly solid and raw opinion that makes me think. Think and smile. 

Mr. Sendak,  may the afterlife be gentle and funny {just in case}.

Tune in to NPR to hear the amazing Terry Gross interview and pay tribute to Maurice Sendak. 

These are a sample of our "Where the Wild Things Are" photos. Sendak's writings keep making their way into our images.

According to Marz, she was "having a very bad day" curled up on the front porch and sad.
As she always does, she found something to make herself laugh...
 Her castle, her cat, her kingdom...

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