Sunday, March 3, 2013

Crush on Vacationing Family Portraits | Lake Tahoe

Our family loves to vacation in Mexico and each time when we are dressed in our new threads, displaying the glow of a respectable amount of R and R, and bronzed by our hours playing in the sun, I think I wish someone else was here to photograph us. Every time! Next trip, we are hiring a professional.
Back at home, I have the pleasure of being that professional and am overjoyed that others have the foresight to plan ahead and use their family gathering to invest in family portraiture. Here is a recent one from the mecca of ski land--Lake Tahoe. Without four-wheel drives, tourists would be stranded in their cabins waiting for the plows to help clear the way. In Big Daddy's big beast of a truck, we made it Tahoe/Donner to spend our day with a fabulous family from all over the states.
Here are a few from our time together in the cabin.


  • "I was so excited to have my parents come out from the Midwest to Lake Tahoe for the holidays. My mom is an artist by training and shuns "traditional" portraits as boring, and really wanted an updated family photo since the grandkids are growing so fast. I searched and searched for someone more unique and fresh and when a friend mentioned your name, I found your website and felt like I had hit gold when I viewed your portfolio! My brother and I went together to surprise my parents and they could not be happier with the finished product! It made a great family ski trip even more memorable! Thanks Skye!" --Jamie Carroll

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