Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crush on Antelope Lake, CA. | Family Photographer Reno, NV

We are so grateful to our friends, the Walkers, for introducing us to this magical place three years ago.  Every year since, we have made our pilgrimage to its alpine waters to decompress, reconnect, and breathe. Our little mecca in the hills is Antelope Lake, Ca.

After packing up the camper, bikes, canoe, kids, and dog, we headed into the 100 degree desert for our annual retreat. The Dobie dog, Frida, is new to our clan. You won't see her in our 2012 blog. This is her debut.

 And then... a quick pit stop at Wiggin's to repurchase the steaks I left in the freezer at home--a must for our 4th of July cookout! Let's hear it  for middle-of-nowhere-local-trading-posts.

 Back on the road through the beautiful scenic range...

What? What's that noise? Paper flapping in the wind? A BLOWN TIRE in the middle of nowhere with no cell service and thunderous clouds rolling in overhead.  Do we have a jack?
My in-laws were joining us for this retreat and celebration until.....until the brakes went out on their truck, or more accurately, the computer that controls the brakes went out on the truck. They were going to have to pull off some magic and serious packing skills to get what they had packed into their brand new RV into their little GMC car for 5 days.
This trip was cursed. The last time Big Daddy wore that t-shirt, things felt rather hellish as well. It deserved to be sacrificed to end the curse.

 I'd say it worked as this was the beauty we relaxed to after setting up camp.
 Ruby, the best dressed in our family, writing her short story about bugs. Inspired by the children's book, The Gentlemen Bug, a story about a male ladybug.
 The Hot Tamale on the Antelope seas.

 Some good bass fishin' at Antelope....so we hear.

In lieu of a fireworks show we performed our own light show with red, white, and blue glow sticks.

 The sun bathing and swimming on the north side of the lake is nothing short of dipping in the Fountain of Youth itself.

The sun heats up the early morning cool.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our photo diary. Before you go, where are your favorite spots to camp, travel,  rejuvenate?


  1. You have such a lovely family! Looks like a great adventure!

    1. Thanks, Kelly Ann!!! We try to have fun together in the wild:)

    2. Thanks, Kelly Ann!!! We try to have fun together in the wild:)


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