Friday, December 4, 2009

Fashion Crush

Fashion Designers are my secret love. I am awed by their ability to create, to recreate what seems to have been done a million times and, each time, make it fresh and new. The following creations were entries in the St. Vincent de Paul Society's Discarded to Divine design competitions. The Society is more than fashion. Fashion is the vehicle in which awareness and money are raised to help the people in our communities who are often discarded--like old clothes. The designers have taken forgotten materials and given them a new life, a new prespective; much like the recipients of the Society's efforts.
This dress is made from recycled jeans. Look at the sleeve detail--the waistband of the jeans. The gorgeous corset tie with old button fly rivets and those tea stained  rosettes. This isn't a crush. This is LOVE.

photography by discardedtodivine06

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