Thursday, December 3, 2009

Crushing Diamonds

I love my wedding ring. It's a white turquoise. They don't exist anymore. Let me rephrase, the mines are dry and no new ones have been discovered.  My ring was from one of the last white turquoise mines in Ely, Nevada. The Nevada connection made it even more special. Since our wedding day, my husband has given me a new turquoise ring for every anniversary.
I have only ever photographed diamond rings for my clients. I stumbled upon this Canadian diamond company that keeps with our ECO Christmas theme. If you are planning to pop the question this season, consider one of these ethically mined rings at

Have you considered a ring other than diamonds, gold, platinum? Your relationship is unique. Celebrate that by making all the symbols of it special too.

O. The hang tags. Scrummage through the house for old playing cards, old photos that you have yet to put into an album, groovy catalogs, recipe card that you know by heart. Unless you are Santa himself, that's enough tags for most people. Cut, tie, paste and you're good to ECO-Go. You need to save money considering the ring you just checked out above.

When I've exhausted my  Eco coffers, I think I will move onto The New Bride for the The New Year. The New Bride is one who gives herself permission to make it her own--her own style--her own flair all smushed together with her lover's brill ideas. This is going to be fun and I can't wait to shoot those vintage, indy, eco, rockin' couples in 2010---they do it their way so damn cool!

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  1. What a great idea! I will keep checking out Skosh!

    Stacie S.


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