Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eco-Christmas Crush Part II

Don't crush up your old maps, cereal boxes, catalogs, and used bubble envelopes just yet. Here are some more ideas to get you into the re-use / recycle mood  + save some serious bucks by not buying paper and bows. You probably have a GPS anyway so dig out the maps from the glove box and wrap your presents in MAPS. If you are sending a gift to a friend, who once lived in your town, they'd probably get a kick out of seeing their old city this way.

Etsy is one of our favorite sites. They have a project center to help with these crafty, cool, cheap, and green gift wrapping ideas. I LOVE the re-use bubble envelope + i now know where I am going to start with my sewing machine. Follow the link to Etsy's video on wrap ideas. What do you think of their catalog pages envelopes. Told you, Etsy Rocks!

Why are you buying shirt boxes? Those old cereal boxes will work perfectly!
Cut the "handle" out and pinch the sides together---try to make a soft seam. Tie with extra yarn, ribbon, fabric. DONE. I like the boxes just the way they are---you could add scrap paper like the pic above.

Tomorrow, we will find stuff around your place to make unique hang tags for your Eco Christmas.

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