Monday, November 30, 2009

An Eco-Christmas Crush

We have gone recycling and composting crazy! Our regular garbage is barely worth putting out each week--there just isn't much left after the sorting and separating is complete. In keeping with this spirit, Christmas cards,wrap, and tree hunting give me the heebie-jeebies. We needed new solutions to our everyday packaging as well as our personal holiday wraps.
This season, we are debuting our green album, bamboo bags, canvas totes, and a hemp cd case. In our search, for cool products we uncovered some delightful finds.
I became an admirer of Katie Christ, a food stylist, ever since I caught her in action on the Food Network's coolest challenge ever---it involved food & photography----see, the coolest challenge ever. Her blog is called Gorgeous Grub. In my search for eco-wrap ideas, I stumbled upon Katie's superb taste in her blog about a friend's uniquely designed teal towels. Check out the photos where the towels are used to wrap flowers, presents, etc. Present + useful wrap = a serious new crush.
Marvel at the beautiful photography throughout her site and stay tuned here for more eco-wrap ideas.

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