Thursday, April 1, 2010

Crush on Contests

The {LOVE} story contest has inspired me to keep running contests for our super cool fan page friends.
Once you agree, by clicking like on the Facebook Fan Page, we will get the PHOTO contest started. Hint: this one will be of YOUR PHOTOS that YOU photographed and we will have an open vote from all the fans to select the winner. Details to come....

You can win $$$ SKOSH BUCKS $$$ by answering our triv questions. The first right answer receives $10 SKOSH BUCKS. Collect the bucks and redeem them at Skye Snyder Photography AND Videography. Questions will be posted on Facebook.

::: This may never happen again (in any form)---
The Older Sista kissing L'il Sista's tooty :::

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