Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crush on Apple Hill

Apple Hill could probably be named the best thing that ever happened to Colima of Eldorado County. 55 ranches gathered together and formed the Apple Hill Growers Association. It is the place to go in the Sierra Foothills for all things apple. Armed with a handy map, the family can hop from ranch to ranch tasting their apple pies and cider. Train rides, corn mazes, pony rides, crafts and BBQ all line up to get in on the Apple Hill action. Our little girl's 6th birthday falls just when the apples are at their best so this year we decided Apple Hill was the place to delight our taste buds as well as her love of exploring.
the birthday girl eating her first apple donut. Mighty delicious and worth waiting for a fresh one made to order. We got ours at
Abel's Apples comes with apples and pumpkins and pony rides too
Taking in the gorgeous roses and views at Kids Inc. I really liked this ranch. Lots of space and a hill to roll down after some birthday wishes were sung, apple pie a la mode was eaten, and the largest and sweetest caramel apple I've ever had.
 this is us geeked out on sugars
 What would you name this apple delight?

 the snyder tribe party of 4

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