Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crush on i heart faces ::: Self-portrait :::

Good Morning.  i heart faces has me mulling over the idea of a self-portrait. It's this week's challenge. And a challenge it is! I used to take self-portraits when inspiration hit. Now, I photograph Ruby, my 6 year old muse. I struggled with this challenge and then remembered this self-portrait.

We had just returned from a boat ride to Land's End, the farthest tip south in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and one of my favorite spots on earth. We stopped for a sweet treat. This little metallic ball held its own sweets; sugars of all types. When I shoot, my focusing hand always looks like the queen drinking tea. My Ruby is primping and fixing her hat in the ball reflection. This portrait seemed fitting this week.

Thanks to all the other entries for sharing. I have added "Self-Portrait" to the MUST DO list.


  1. your idea rocks! I love it. and after browsing your blog, its no the only one I love. great work!

  2. Cleverly done---and quite representative of the way the photographer is often seen by those around us....


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