Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crush on {TUESDAY TRIV} WINNER 11.30.10

The matter of winning comes first...
here is the hat with names

here is the hat with names and the drawing hand

here is the winner from the drawing hand from the hat with names

Congratulations, Victoria! You won the drawing for $20 SKOSH BUCK$. You have managed to collect quite a nice little pocket of BUCK$ - $140! Thank you for participating and for sharing such kind words with me.

I have written everyone's words on post-its around my computer screen. Total motivation. THANK YOU!

The reason I asked for everyone to help describe my style is due to a new look for Skye Snyder Photography (stay tuned). I have learned that I can't get all my sites, pages, blog, etc. cohesive looking (technically starved photog) and have turned to the expertise of Corina Nielsen to brand me. (certain this will be pain-free unlike a happy california cow--branded with the state and a perma-grin).

I have also learned that I have no idea what my style of photography is. I know what I like. I know how I like to shoot. I know how I want it to look; simple. real. and interesting. Woh- was it really that easy? Maybe.

And "maybe" reminds me of another topic...the story of "The Farmer's Luck" by Jon J. Muth from Zen Shorts. If you are looking for a wonderful children's book consider this delightful story that retells Buddhist teachings in simple, kid-loving taoist fashion.
If you are loving the ultra-groovy embroidered camera strap, visit souldier online! I have two and LOVE them.

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