Thursday, December 9, 2010

the wedding photographer's saga | chapter one

According to The Knot subscribers, Skye Snyder Photography was picked in 2010 as one of the best wedding photographers in Nevada.  We've had a lot of phone calls since then and a lot of weekends photographing brides and grooms beginning their married life together.

Weddings are not mild.  They are in-your-face, impressive emotion inducing events. Mama dresses her daughter for probably the last time and the first time in many years. The soon to be husband sees his bride arm in arm with her beloved father. The heartfelt vows and pledge to one another. Loved ones who have passed are honored by candles, bouquet, charms, a special single flower. The firsts of everything; kiss, dance, meal, etc.  By design, the wedding is an emotional roller coaster.  The ones that have the most loopy-doops of emotional twists seem to fair as "the best".  Wedding photographers ride strapless, backwards in the first car and pray they don't fall into the holy water.  We manage emotions, calm uncertainties, and reassure the family that all is well. One of my brides who is now a friend put it best, "I didn't know when I hired a photographer that I was also hiring a therapist." Maybe other photographers don't experience this? I have to. Empathy is how I capture my photographic moments. I find it impossible to do this without absorbing into my clients' sensitivities. Needless to say, after high-intensity nine hour affairs, weekend after weekend marinating in magnified affections, a girl can get spun.

I was spun so I began my wedding hibernation.

stay tuned for chapter two....
I always welcome your comments, your wedding stories. {thanks} for sharing with us.

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