Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crush on Destinating

Planning a Destination Wedding?

Almost six years ago, Joshua and I escaped to Xpu-Ha, Mexico (above).  I suppose that explains why I have a special spot for couples who "destinate" to share their vows and begin their married life together. Planning a distant celebration has its own challenges and joys. Having gone through the process and being a destination wedding photographer, I feel we may have some advice that could help engaged couples plan their first nuptial adventure. 
Our Wedding in Xpu-Ha, Mexico by Ruby, age 6

Our Wedding by Ruby, age 5. The star is a light. A HUGE light that hung
from the center of the main palapa. It floated above as we first danced as
husband and wife.  We bought a miniature one that hangs in our home's
entrance. A constant reminder to that moment together.
#1. Why Choose a Destination Wedding? 

- Appeals to those afflicted with the travel bug and adventure
- Cost effective by combining the wedding 

and the honeymoon in one trip
- Your planner will do it all for you (which may be difficult for someone who wants to be a part of every detail) and can be virtually stress-free
- A more intimate experience because only your closest friends and family will be there
- You will actually get to visit with your circle of pals poolside throughout the week's stay versus trying to chat with each table at a formal wedding while "being in the moment" with your Love.
- Couples get to depart from the traditions that are expected in a more formal wedding
- Perfect for second marriages and renewing vows. A little more simplified, casual, and only about their union. 

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Did you have a destination wedding? Planning one? Been a guest at one? Please leave a comment for us. We'd love to hear from you.

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