Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crush on Love Tokens II

Part II of the Love Token Series - Missed Part I? Click here.

Two days ago, the lovely winners from our {LOVE} writing contest, delivered a love token package to me. One gave it to me. The other was here in the form of a miniature dinosaur. I'll explain.
The love letters they wrote.
The winners revealed post.
The shoot.
the love token
{A} ordered this cup and in the special instructions box jokingly wrote, "Could you draw a dinosaur inside the box?" {Photojojo} didn't draw a dinosaur, they actually sent one inside the cup! Service and a sense of humor.  Yep, it was like having her right here standing in the driveway. A love token that excites my photog self from two gals who excite my heart. 

Thanks, Girls! You inspired the next contest; the Skye Snyder Photography Love Token Contest that launched on Flickr. This morning, I lift my cool cup of java to you. {CHEERS}
Can't wait to see what everyone enters. Have fun. 

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