Saturday, February 12, 2011

Crush on Love Tokens

I swoon over love tokens. Those are the little things that someone gives to you simply because they want to tell you, "I think you're pretty groovy -- thanks - I have a little spot of love inside for you". I float a little when I get one. They are my favorite things. 
Here's one that arrived from my friend, Katina. She also happens to be my most photographed client. She and her husband have allowed me to photograph all their life moments from engagement to family of four and all the things in between. She has been one of my biggest supporters--even as I pipe-dreamed across the bar from her at Foley's . She has always encouraged me to go for it.  Everyone should know a Katina.  Love Token from K....
Cherished Thoughts with Love by Anne Geddes - THE baby photographer who changed how wee babes were photographed.

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