Thursday, February 10, 2011

Crush on Education

Last night's dream.
I was checking in at my child's school for one of my two obligatory work days.  In many ways, similar to  jury duty. Even a small card arrived in the mail reminding me of my scheduled work time. It was the lay of the land. Everyone worked two days for a public school. It wasn't voluntary. Our employers paid.  This was a duty that citizens looked forward to and from which businesses benefitted. Without the consent and financial support of their employers, most couldn't have participated in their child's school due to the common hours shared.  Businesses wanted to assist the schools. Afterall, many were going to school as preparation to become a part of the workforce.  
To participate with the schools was simply a part of the culture. Not a place to drop and forget,  pray for the best, and complain at the outcome.  To lend our hands into one of the largest public systems known to Americans was considered a privilege.  Schools were dreamy places of academic and creative achievement.  They were places you would want to go. Engineers, gardeners, artists, attorneys, doctors, chefs, crafters, landscapers, everyone was invested in the school. It was a community success or failure. 
For my head, this was a wonderful dream. It stirred me awake at 4:40am. Could it really be possible?

If you would like to read thoughts grounded in research instead of in my nightly visions...
A few clicks led me to Matthew Taylor's Blog and to a fantastic animate on changing education paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson.

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