Friday, March 4, 2011

Crush on Fix-It-Fridays #89

Good morning and happy friday. It's Fix-It-Friday over on I Heart Faces -- a weekly opportunity to play with your editing skills, share technique, and learn a few things. This week's photo was taken by Dana of Dana Suggs Photography. It doesn't need fixin' as it has wonderful components; color, texture, a simple at-ease pose, and an expression that is natural and confident. But it sure is going to be fun to play with :)
Here is Dana's SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)
My first edit using the basic tools; crop, levels, and blur. I really like the horizontal format of this shot and I cannot bear to crop out those fabulous turquoise and orange chairs. They happen to be my favorite colors.  
For fun, I threw on the Soho action from Wish Photography's World of Wow Set. This action pulls out the cyan colors in the chair, his eyes, and the back wall. 
And to finish up, I had to try a black and white. I returned to my original edit. Stuck to the basic editing tools and added a touch of sepia filter. Texture becomes foremost in this shot; both walls, the slick of the chairs, his shirt and jeans are lined and rippled. I definitely did not want to over edit his skin. I like the shadows--not too bright. 
I still think this is a great shot that doesn't need a lot of editing and fancy tricks. Earlier in the week, I played with and over edited an image. I asked for help on my FB page and my sister-in-law reminded me that sometimes we have to, "Edit yourself, not the photo."


  1. LOVEEE that black and white and the textures it brought out in the photo! Amazing job as always Skye! :D

    I'm hoping one of these days he'll get out of his brooding phase in photos! HAHAHAHA

    Yeah....probably not. ;)


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