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Crush on Destinating | Part IV

Welcome to Part IV of our Destination Wedding series for the traveling bride. Missed a post?
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The first wedding we are showcasing in our destination wedding series is one that makes me pine to remarry Big Daddy Joshua all over again. With each trip to Mexico, our shopping bags are lined with Day of the Dead la catrina figurines. We love them.  We even commissioned an artist to make our very own catrina for the back yard. What is a catrina? She is a skeleton figure representing Aztec goddess Mictecacihuatl and a symbol of the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, celebration. 
Many who choose to have a destination wedding want the finesse and style of the culture of the country they are getting married in. 
In this post, you will be enjoying the works of photographer, Jillian Mitchell and the wedding planning and design of Yazmin Ramirez of Sea of Dreams
Sayulita, Mexico
Sayulita is on the western coast of Mexico, forty five minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. The picturesque village of Sayulita is a surfers' paradise peppered with boutique hotels that are perfect for intimate wedding celebrations.
16 seconds of ads and then Sayulita on the Today Show.
This is what happens when you combine flair, culture, chichi, and romance into a Day of the Dead inspired wedding in Sayulita, Mexico.
Look at those two on the bicycle {SQUEAL----i LOVE them}. 
a mexican serenade {swooooooon } i love the romance and sound of live mexican song

made to order churros for wedding "cake"
Have you noticed the Lotería theme? Lotería is a game similar to Bingo but played with these wonderful artisan cards with images and names; la luna, la campana, el violoncello instead of letters and numbers. The table placemats are the Lotería game boards. The game cards were also used for lining the vials of Mexican tea (in a photo featured above).
All images have been used by permission by the photographer, Jillian Mitchell of Jillian Mitchell Photography. 
Thank you Jillian and Yazmin for letting us share your beautiful work!

What are the laws? As US citizens will we be legally married if we get married in Mexico?
Yes, but you do need to proper paperwork. A planner would have this arranged for you but be sure to have and ask about the following items and call the appropriate government office (embassy) for up-to-date information.
Here is the US Embassy in Mexico's URL
1) Passports (make several copies for paperwork filing)
2) Marriage application
3) Birth certificatess
4) Blood tests
5) Four passport holding witnesses who are 18 years old or older 
6) If remarrying, a divorce decree that is at least one year old, notarized or apostilled* and translated into Spanish. You cannot be remarried in Mexico unless you have been divorced for one year. 
7) If widowed, a death certificate translated into Spanish and notarized.
8) You need a civil ceremony to make it legal in the USA. The marriage certificate will be apostilled and your own embassy can translate the document into English
9) Arrive 3 days before your wedding date to finalize the paperwork and testing
*An apostilled document is a document attached to your foreign document to make it legal in the other  country.

For more on the laws read "How to Get Married in Mexico" from

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