Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crush on Photo Books

I used to have bags of envelopes stacked full of photographs to eventually compile into an album. I still have the bags, tied up, and waiting. I also have boxes of gigabytes rammed full of digital files to eventually compile into a cherished family heirloom. Stored and waiting. Perhaps I am waiting for the disks of all our family images to become obsolete like an 8-track tape. Perhaps I am tempting Murphy and his Law into letting me experience how it would feel to lose the images from 2005, 2006, '07...due to a corrupted disk; humidity, heat, or getting crushed under a high-heeled foot or under mountains of my procrastination.

The point of this post. I have started mine using a variety of media; beautiful hand-crafted heirloom albums, videos, and digital bookmakers. One of my favorite is Blurb. I use them for turning our family vacation images into coffee table books starring our little tribe in some of the most magical places on earth. 

I've never made them for clients but am always asked by my client/friends to, "PLEASE, make me a book of my session because I don't have time. I will never get to. I have good intentions but..." Perhaps, you too, are collecting images that will most likely meet the fate of the missing socks, the lost keys, or meet the unidentifiable liquid that is now stuck to my baby's newborn session disk. I should have done that sooner...

Here's the deal. I can do it for you or you can click Blurb's ad below and use their incredibly simple self-publishing tools to make your own. Use the code (NEWBLURB) to receive 20% off your entire order.

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