Monday, April 18, 2011

Crush on Saving Furniture

My Dad is a tinker, a jack of all trades, a survival instructor, a man's man. It is from him that I adopted my love of reclaiming thrown away objects and turning them into items ready to be infused with our family's history. If I hadn't wiggled her into my Scion, this little lady was on her way to the dump.  
She sat waiting until the day I discovered an unwanted bolt of fabric;  orange flowers trapped in baby blue velvet stripes. Sold for free to me. I dismantled, sanded, stretched, and reupholstered and created The Queen Chair. My girls fight over her and race to be first to the dinner table , reinfusing her with our family's history. 
Repurposing, salvaging, working with what you got is a family hand-me-down around these parts. It's something that I'm proud of and has become a part of my photographic style. The time, the history is important to me. Why I have always preferred photographing on location to studio work. I prefer the story that it offers. The challenge to finding the light, the story. The photo below tells the story of our life when Ruby was 6 and loved to wear her Mama's necklaces, adored her best friend's handed-over "angel" shirt, and savored eating dinner in the Queen Chair.

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