Sunday, April 17, 2011

Crush on Spring Winner

It's official. Spring has sprung in our backyard and the winner of the SPRING HAS SPRUNG Photo Contest has been chosen. 
The entrants' photos were posted in a Facebook album where I asked the Skye Snyder Photography members to vote on their favorites to help me choose the winning image. The member favorite was of Vivian, a garden fairy, who got caught on film by Hanna Felix. Just a glimpse of her magical wings make it into the frame. A fleeting moment. Isn't that what photography is all about? A simple moment that seems magical enough to photograph.  
I like the dreamy quality, the garden pieces, and newly growing grass, and that Fairy Vivian is moving out of the frame as a shy fairy would do. I, too, love this celebration of spring.
Hannah, CONGRATULATIONS. You have won the SPRING Photography Contest. You will receive a complimentary June mini-session. Please RSVP to claim your prize. Leave a post on the Facebook wall   to claim it. Please claim within 7 days, otherwise the prize will be granted to the runner-up.  
Thank you all for participating, joining our page, and commenting on the wonderful entries. We will have more contests and are always excited to see your photographs. Your submissions encourage us all to be experience the world creatively. Thank you for sharing.
As an extra bonus, Mindi Dagerman won $25 SKOSH BUCK$ for participating as a commenter in our contest. My daughter, who can't read, must like the look of your name as it was yours on the long list of commenters that she highlighted as the winner! Congratulations.
Honorable Mentions 
1st Runner-Up: Cody Sanders: Iris at Bodega Bay, California 
2nd Runner-Up: Angela Leone:  San Francisco Lily  
Thank you all for playing in our games and celebrating spring here on the blog and on our Facebook Page with us. 
We appreciate the support and hope to see more of your photographs in our upcoming contests.
{to spring}


  1. Thank you Skye for this awesome oppertunity! We are so excited!! Thank you again. :D

    Hannah Felix

  2. Hannah - The pleasure is all mine. I'm thrilled that you are looking forward to your winning session. Fairy wings can be included ;)


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