Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crush on Daddies | Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's out there. To our Big Daddy who loves his house of girls with a full heart. To the Big Daddy who quietly deals with hours of Project Runway and Barbies despite the fact that he is fed turkey bacon and fat free sour cream. To our Big Daddy, who is currently primping for work,  thank you for bringing

home the real bacon in your hard working hands. We love you deeply. 

Today, we are picking the winners of the Facebook Father's Day Celebration on our wall. The fan favorite photograph was from Victoria Robertson, a photo of her fiance and soon to be new father, David. 

Here's what Victoria had to say:
"I don't have, what I would like to call, a good relationship with my dad. I don't personally know anyone who's a perfect example of what a kid wants their dad to be, though I know many people out there are blessed enough to say that they do. When I think of a dad, it's a little different...

For Daddy's Day, I'd like to honor my fiancĂ©e David. We're currently expecting our first baby, and I know, with the fullest heart, that he's going to be so amazing to our little one. I chose this photo because it has never stopped making me smile in the 2 years since I took it. When I look at it now, I think of how our kid is gonna see that same smile all the time while they're playing together. Yes, even climbing trees. :)

I can't yet say that he's won a Dad of the Year award five years in a row. I can't yet say he's gotten out of bed every time there was a sleepless baby in the house. I can't even say he's going to be the best at getting the kids to school on time. But I do know that he's already been working his tail off to make sure this little guy (or gal, fingers crossed) is happy, healthy, and loved."

I love this account of anticipation, hope, possibility. Congratulations to Tori and David for winning a $50 Skye Snyder Photography Gift Card(saved in the Notes on FB). But mostly, congratulations on entering the parenthood arena.

There were quite a few touching moments with fathers on our wall. Dad's being goofy, all in the name of making their loved ones laugh. Dad's being gentle and vulnerable with their babies. Dads enjoying their families. I chose this photo by Angie Angelopoulos because it captured all of these elements in one photo. It says fatherhood and I imagine it created a moment for Konner to enjoy.
Konner with his Daddy on the Elf Train in Virginia City, Nevada.
Congratulations, Angie. You've won a $50 Skye Snyder Photography Gift Card (tallied in the NOTES tab on our Facebook wall)

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