Sunday, June 19, 2011

Crush on June Mini { just a skosh }

On June 4th, we held our spring mini session. The minis are an extremely popular event for clients and students. The sessions are simply shorter, more focused and in one location that I have chosen for the day. The fabulous Sarah Rodriguez assisted and filmed video for me in the amazing Bartley Ranch Park. For a touch of Nevada culture, visit this historical preserve. 

We had a teacher, photographer, contest winners, and much loved previous families among the clients that day. Here is just a skosh. ( in case you were ever's skosh with a long o. It's a scottish word meaning just a little bit. My Mum would always say "just a skosh" when you asked her if she would like this or that from the kitchen. And yes, it is a combo of skye + josh. As a working team...why not?)
Sarah with the Kempf girls - Little Natalie didn't agree with our plans for a family portrait that morning. Big sis, Vivian, tried to show her the ropes but it wasn't until Sarah showed the girls the video that Natalie decided perhaps this is fun. That middle shot sums up her suspicions. 
And then the glasses. What's not fun about those? Hollywood, here we come...
The tractors are a major attraction.
Bubbles trump portraits. Miss Vivian is ready for some poppin' action.

Val of Val Lemieux Photography - Thrilled that Val let me photograph her. It's cool to shoot photographers. It seems we all struggle with being in front of it, hence the taking our post behind the lens, so it takes a lot of goofing around to loosen us up.  Val was a great sport. Had us laughing and ended up getting  beautiful images...with big girl glasses.

 Kate Carter, teacher, photographer, and founder of World Class Perspectives with her wonderful, and completely opposite, twin boys, Jack + Dean. What is World Class Perspectives? An organization to help low-income students travel on special field trips to places they would never see otherwise, opening up their learning experience and perspective on the world. Yeah, pretty cool indeed!

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  1. Great shots! I love the difference between a boy on a tractor and a girl on a tractor. :D


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