Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crush on video shorts, newborns, & new parents

Adding to the Carsman love story. Scroll through the blog for a visual tour of their sessions throughout the years...starting with a couple from the latest session in Lake Tahoe, Nevada with their six month precious little owlet and we can't forget handsome Higgins, the love dog.

This one was a surprise for our wonderful clients, Courtney and Evan. Thank you for continuously trusting me to capture your life and love.
Why have I added the moving picture films to our services? 
We've always used video in our wedding photography but not in our family portraiture until 2011. 
Why did I not weave photographs and video together before?
It was a money issue. It's expensive for families to hire a videographer and photographer for a portrait session. Most people are familiar with photographs and home videos but wouldn't see the value in combining these media to create a visual diary. Clients didn't really want to hire a videographer if they were looking for  family portraits. 
Why are you doing it now? People strike it rich this year? 
Quite the contrary. Is goes without saying, everyone has had to adjust to the economy. My way was to do it all myself and provide our clients with an enhanced product. I know what I want before I film it which lessens the challenge in being both the video and photo gal. I was having a hard time convincing clients of the true nature of portaiture. To me, it's not about fancy clothes and coiffing, but how you live your life day to day. Your home. Your fun and games. Your connection with one another.  Filming has given me the freedom to do the true journalistic lifestyle imagery. I think they like it. Convincing isn't hard anymore. And I thank them for trusting me to do this.
Why bother?
Before I owned a smart phone, I used to record my babies cooing and making the most magical baby sounds. Unfortunately, the device I used was limited, offered no sharing abilities, and then it broke. All the sounds were gone.  Those were audio photographs to me.  Now with the iphone, my chickadees, who are now five and six, record themselves singing into the memo app.  I download their performances into my itunes account, and use in my own photo slideshows or video shorts. 
I wanted our new parents to have this little piece of our lost delights. Watching my clients' videos transports me back to those most indescribable days as a new mother.

I have yet to make a film that doesn't conjure some tears of joy.

This one is a surprise for Courtney and Evan. Thank you for continuously trusting me to capture your life and love.
{the engagement}

{the wedding}

{the pregnancy}

{ caleb }

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