Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crush on April Fools

For the Pranksters, this is our day!  Each year, Big Daddy is our unsuspecting victim. Usually, we get him early in the morning before his foggy brain can wake enough to remember what day it is. Today, we waited til the evening like a good pride of lionesses. 

The car ride and syncing of plan schematics. 

The accomplices. Watches synced and pumped!
The plan in action.
 The "this area under video surveillance" sign made us feel extra pranky.
Keeping a watchful eye and staying focused on the mission.

Passing down the prankster traditions to the chickadees.
To lessen the sting, leaving Love Notes...

Then we run, hide, wait...

 5:00! The victim arrives, places sunglasses on forehead for a clearer interpretation of the situation.

GOTCHA - Mission Post-It 2012! 

Happy April Fools.
Love The Pranksters

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  1. Another reason why I think you rock! Thanks for sharing this!


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