Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Crush on Senior Portraits | Reno Nevada Portrait Photographer

The high school seniors are finishing up the last few weeks of their K-12 education and standing at the fork in the road. College? Job? Both? Trip? What did you do?
Alec | Reno High School | Reno Nevada
Where are we headed?
Alec | Reno High School | Reno, Nevada from the fastest senior session in history! 10-15 minutes!
I graduated a semester early from high school. My last day was a Friday and I started college that Monday. Got an apartment over the weekend and headed up the hill for wisdom early Monday morning. I learned that I liked having my own apartment. A lot. My first semester in college didn't fare that well due to that freedom space of an apartment. So, I packed the VW as full as I could and took off to San Diego. 

My bestie was already there and could hold my hand in my first big move away from home. 
My bestie, Leslie and her daughter. | Reno, Nevada | Ranch San Rafael Park
From there, the travel bug bit and I ended up in Mexico, Seattle back to Reno to get that degree I had started. 3 years later, off to England, Greece, and Scotland. Home bound to sell my belongings in yard sale that would leave me with two filled suitcases. I still miss that 300+ collection of lady musician cds that sold for $3 each. The car and brand new Mac that sold from the lawn--paid for lots of adventures in Scotland. I returned to the motherland again and began my career as a freelance photographer and received my masters degree. If history repeats itself, it seems I am due a move and a degree.
Me running the hills of Bath and Avalon England

What would you study if you went back to school or are starting college? Why?

If you could move, where would you go?

Here's a few more senior shots from this year's class of 2012:
 Shruti | Carson High | Carson City, Nevada Arlington Avenue Reno
 Sahar | Sage Ridge High School | Reno, Nevada Bartley Ranch Park
 Kate | Wooster High School | Reno, Nevada | Downtown Reno
 Bartley Ranch, Reno Nevada
Charlie | Manogue High School | Reno, Nevada 

 Sam | Reno High School | Lake Tahoe, Nevada
 Road trippin' in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Nevada MGM Grand Hotel
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