Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crush on Good Mornings and Great People

You may remember our last Facebook Fan Photo Contest. The theme was {SOUL} and Allison Anderson won with her camera phone image of her husband and new daughter.
I didn't know that Cole, the cozied up Daddy, was in the military and wouldn't be experiencing many mornings like this with his daughter. It makes Allison's winning, all the more perfect. Cole is currently deployed and his girls, big and small, anxiously await his return from Afghanistan. 
We met in a small grassy park along the Truckee River. This is what we captured:
Baby Grace with Daddy's dog tags. 
Mama and the Flying Grace
Time to focus on Allison, the Mom, the Wife. This is the face of America's service people who stay at home, guarding their families and hearts while their loved ones are away. It's such an honor to be in the company of such strong women. 

Despite all of our clowning shenanigans, Little Grace is too sophisticated for our goofball-ness.
Who's the lady in the pretty pink coat on reflector duty? That's Joanna of Daily Blessings Photography. She, too, won in our contest. She got to join us for our girl party in the park for a "fly-on-the-wall" mentor session. She won with her image to the left.

The mentorship winner, Joanna Daily looking prettier than spring itself.
The beautiful light of Verdi. May today introduce you to new friends.
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