Monday, May 7, 2012

Crush on the Little Things

Today was a day filled with the little things--the ones that count. I have mentored photography students over the past ten years but it has been ten years since I have been in front of class talking about photography to a group of eager twelve year olds. Today, they started to hand me their first assignments. I pulled out the black butcher paper, hung it on the main street inside our school, and posted a "coming soon" sign. 
Today, I was lugging my gear out of the hot car when the phone rang. I didn't recognize the number and considered answering later when I wasn't loaded down. I'm glad I didn't. The call was from the mother of one of my clients. She called to simply share her appreciation of the experience and for the photographs of her daughter. She talked about how my portfolio captures the individual. "The art & individuality of you" has been my motto, slogan, philosophy from the beginning and to hear her express this to me, not my voicemail, was golden. 
When I hung up I gathered the many boxes from the front porch. I receive a lot of boxes of prints and products for my clients. One of them, however, was addressed to me from one of my most favorite stores and places of aesthetic inspiration, Anthropologie.  I went to tear into it and as usual, felt I needed to photograph it. This was special. 

Today, I feel like my insides are smiling. 

~ namaste ~ 
Thank you, Students
Thank you, Roberta
Thank you, Allison
 Each lovely layer of the gift...

 The beautiful thoughtful necklace that pops, sings, and delights!  

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