Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crush on Asphalt Socialites | Recording Session at Sierra Sonics | Reno, NV

Last month I had the opportunity to photograph the up and coming modern rock band, Asphalt Socialites, during the recording of their debut album at the Sierra Sonics Recording Studio in Reno, Nevada. The band has been recording in Reno and Chicago with music industry veteran, Bjorn Thorsrud at the engineering helm. Thorsrud is best known for his work with The Smashing Pumpkins.  Check out the link to stay up to date on when the mastered album will be released and follow the Asphalt Socialites on Facebook. Enjoy the following photo diary that captures one day in the life of their music journey...
Scott Taylor (Lead Guitar/Keyboard) and Robb Russo (Lead Vocal/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboard) of Asphalt Socialites
Bjorn Thorsrud and Scott Taylor
Jason Hodge, Drummer, of Asphalt Socialites
Thorsrud engineering at Sierra Sonics, Reno, NV.

Friend, David Newman, encouraging the band
Ken Zimmerman (Bass Guitar/Synthesizer) of Asphalt Socialites

Robb Russo singing us to the end....

Want to read more about The Asphalt Socialites? Check out this review from The News & Review.

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  1. This had to be such an awesome experience! Love these!


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