Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Crush on I Heart Faces Best Face of 2012 Photo Challenge

It's time for I Heart Faces Best Face of 2012 Photo Challenge.  90% of my images include a face, so I had plenty to reflect back upon. I thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing about my photo shoots and those shots of piercing eyes and beautiful faces. However, there is one image that I always return to. These two little girls are so confident in their manner. In the other frames, the girls had towels and their dollies with expressions of sugar. This one; this one is so pure that it catches a glimpse of rarely seen sides of either girl. Marz, on the left, is spunky and spit-fiery but rarely with a scowl. Her face shines a smile night and day. Ruby, on the right, typically is demure and delicate. She holds herself gently-- the orchid. This day they were feeling the bravado of a Stand By Me summer. They learned to swim with confidence, navigate the river, tackled their two-wheelers sans training wheels. They roamed the hills of their new home. In this one, their faces tell it all.
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  1. Great photograph. This image expresses so much.

  2. Your pictures are always incredible. Always. I love this one! Truly fantastic!


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