Friday, January 17, 2014

Crush on O R G A N I C | 52 Photo Project | Reno Photographer

2/52  |   O R G A N I C

This week's theme is organic. Last year I was fortunate to have a box of educational skulls delivered to my studio by the wildlife department. My K-4th grade students used them not only to learn about mammals but as studies for our Georgia O'Keeffe inspired paintings. I knew I wanted to photograph them while I had them but didn't know quite what I wanted from them.

With my Project 52, I want to be more mindful as I am composing and spend more time turning over themes in my head. I want to improve my storytelling skills in one single image and force myself to improve my technical skills. I tend to avoid using techniques that I am not familiar with instead of learning them.

From another trip to the California Academy of Sciences, I photographed a wall of foliage in the biosphere area. Again, thinking for a future project. The formulas are from a partially erased chalkboard image online that I could not find a credit source for. The beauty of mathematics and it's connection to the aesthetic world continues to intrigue me.

The results are the compilation of these moments.

puma concolor  |  the mountain lion
ursus americanus  |  the black bear
If you would like to share your ORGANIC inspired art, upload to the Skye Snyder Photography Facebook Wall or tag using the hashtag #skye52 on Instagram. I am @skyesnyder on IG. Look forward to seeing your images!! 

Missed week one? Here is the post.

Want to start thinking about next week? The theme is aura/halo. Be inspired by circles, the energy of auras, and Renaissance art of the divine. 

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